Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toy Gallery Update: Bom Vimdin VC53

Bom Vimdin has been added to the Toy Gallery. Check out all the cool poses this figure can be put into. I also did a few shots where it appears that he is taking a drink of his blue milk and one where he looks like he is sniping with his rifle by looking through the scope. Quickscoping pro!

Bom Vimdin was a Advozse smuggler and mercenary during the Galactic Civil War. A pessimistic, reclusive being, he had no loyalties to anyone other than himself, and cared only for his credit balance. Around 0 BBY, he was a regular at Chalmun's Cantina in Mos Eisley, though he was widely disliked. Vimdin worked for a wide array of corrupt and dishonorable officials in his life, though his operations thrived during the time of the New Republic.

The Advozse made great profits transporting fugitive Imperials from New Republic territory to those controlled by the Empire, and although he was caught and apprehended many times, his loyal network of spies were able to free him. Eventually, his activities were deemed a threat to the New Republic and Security Chief Airen Cracken added him to his most wanted list. Thought to be one of the best at his profession, Vimdin was a wealthy being for most of his life, though he completely shunned the company of others. Taken from Wikipedia.com

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