Thursday, May 3, 2012

Toy Gallery Update: Logray VC56

I finally got around to getting the Vintage Collection Logray up on the Toy Gallery. I would of had this gallery up last week if it wasnt for my vintage Kenner figure missing from my collection. I quickly went on eBay and picked up the original for $6 complete in mint condition. You can view the comparison shot within the Toy Gallery.

Logray was the head shaman for the Ewok tribe who lived in Bright Tree Village. He was tall for an Ewok, with tan-striped fur. Logray often wore a headdress decorated with feathers, beads, and a large churi bird skull. He carried a staff decorated with the spinal bones of a defeated enemy.

After the Battle of Endor, Logray was exposed as a coward and a bully. Chirpa ousted Logray, appointing Paploo in his place. Though the angry old wizard placed a curse on the village, Paploo enlisted the aid of "the Golden One" in a ritual to remove the curse. Logray went into exile, and the Ewoks refused to speak his name ever again. He was stricken from the village "Songs of Remembrance" as though he never existed. -Taken from

Click here to view the full gallery:

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