Tuesday, April 3, 2012

VOTD #3 Saga Collection: Endor AT-AT

 Introduction: On the third of April I bring to you the third installment of my VOTD review with the Saga Collection Endor AT-AT TRU exclusive. Hasbro did a great job with giving us a updated AT-AT with a different paint ap than the Hoth look. Again they included 2 figures just like their POTF2 release and added some more cool features still using the vintage m...old. Despite the fact that the Biker Scout already got an update in the modern vintage, Hasbro decided to also update the old POTJ scout with a flip up mask revealing a clone's face. This time around we basically got repacked figures and a repainted AT-AT but from a different location of the Star Wars universe.

My Opinion: When this version of the AT-AT came out I was stoked. I couldn't wait to get one. The flip up mask Biker Scout was an awesome idea for a pack in figure but I was later bummed out that they used the POTJ sculpt with that ugly stance. The paint ap was a great idea and the new features were an awesome welcome but I was still hoping for a better scaled version during this era. Of course years later Hasbro really out did themselves with the one we have today. I also wanted to point out one of my little secrets of this photo shoot. Since this boxed shot was not the actual packaging of my AT-AT, I used one that I got online and put a little hidden "DSP2" text in the neck instead of my regular site logo to see which other sites were taking my images and passing them as their own without giving me recognition. Low and behold there was one site, that I am not gonna mention here, that did take it. How funny was that. I know, how retarded to mention that here but it was funny at the time. Anyways, although the Big AT-AT made its debut this is still a version that every collector should have. On a side note, you will also notice as a little sneak preview for those that read this, I changed the look and feel of my toy gallery to resemble a site that I will be migrating too. Soon that will be revealed which is also why I am late getting today's VOTD up.
Description on the back of box:
"The All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walkers are used by the Empire to launch devastating ground attacks. These walkers are less stable than similar vehicles that move using land treads, but standing at over 75 meters tall, these behemoths more than male up for their instability with a menacing psychological assault. Although the Empire mainly used the smaller AT-ST models for Endor, the site of the second Death Star is shield generator, the AT-AT model was also used to transport large quantities of troops and supplies."

First Appearance: Return of the Jedi: On Endor
Year Released: 2006 (ToysRUs Exclusive)
Retail Price: $89.99

Opening Cockpit
Built-in lights and sound effects
Opening Side Hatch
Biker Scout with lift up mask
AT-AT Driver


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