Wednesday, April 4, 2012

VOTD #4 - Vintage Kenner: Endor Forest Ranger

 Introduction: Today I share with you a vintage mini-rig vehicle from the 80's called the Endor Forest Ranger. This cool little speeder ship was created for use on Endor however you never see any of the mini-rigs on in any movie. They were specifically created so that kids could afford something to play with along with their action figures. This rig ha...s an opening front hatch and landing gear. The cockpit has a gravity controlled mechanism to change position as you flew the ship. Pretty cool stuff in the 80's.

My Opinion: I personally never owned this ship when I was a kid so I had to get one as an adult. I also used this speeder as a get away vehicle for DarthScro in my comic series called the DSD Talk Show. This is one of the more creative little toys that Kenner produced at the same time its so ugly that I am sure plenty of kids passed on it back in the day. How many of you own this thing?
Description on the back of box:
"Action Figures Sold Seperately"

First Appearance: Kenner's Toy Line
Year Released: 1984
Retail Price: $6.84

Instructions & Sticker Sheet
Two side guns
One nose gun
Front opening hatch

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