Monday, May 7, 2012

Toy Gallery Updates: Lando Calrissian in Sandstorm Outfit VC89

Wave 2 of the Vintage Collection for 2012 has been very hard to find at retail stores. I got lucky and found two out of the five back in Feb however they were not in Walmart's system which is probably why I couldn't find the others from the wave. Plus it didnt help that Wave 1 was cloging up the pegs. Lando Calrissian in Sandstorm Outfit is from the Blu-Ray deleted scenes. Underneath his scarf and poncho reveals him in his Skiff Guard Disguise.

A ferocious sandstorm blocks our view. Then, through the ROAR, we HEAR THE VOICES of our heroes. They emerge slowly from the veil of sand, pressing on against the wind. First come Artoo and Threepio, followed by Leia guiding Han, then Luke and Lando come into view, each supporting one side of the towering Chewbacca, who hobbles from his wound. Soon, they can make out some large vague shapes in the blowing sand. It is the Millennium Falcon and, parked beside it, Luke's trusty X-wing and a two-seated Y-wing. They must shout to be heard.

Read more about Lando during the deleted scene here:

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